Articles and science papers (unsorted part2)

Sugar metabolism is surprisingly conventional in cancer

Study has implications for targeting metabolism in cancer treatment

Autophagy, ferroptosis, pyroptosis, and necroptosis in tumor immunotherapy

Covid Vaccination and Turbo-Cancer. “Multiple Tumors in Multiple Organs”. Dr. Ute Kruger

Africa is a treasure trove of medicinal plants, seven that are popular

Multiple sclerosis has a common viral culprit

Researchers discover new approach to healing skin infections and wounds

Herbal combo boosts immunity, red blood cells

Epstein-Barr Virus Linked With Gastric Cancer

Unexpected Link Discovered Between Most Common Cancer Drivers

Cancer Breakthrough: Unexpected Link Discovered Between Most Common Cancer Drivers

Head Of The Lancet’s COVID-19 Investigation Is “Convinced” It Came Out Of A Lab

Scientists explore immune memory of common cold coronaviruses before the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic era

Comparative pathogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariants including BA.1, BA.2, and BA.5

Disease disappears for all patients in clinical trial study for rectal cancer

The new treatment, Dostarlimab, trains the immune system to spot cancer cells and attack them

These factors make triple negative breast cancer different

Scientists report identifying key molecular differences between triple negative breast cancer cells that cling to an initial tumor and those that go off to form distant tumors.

These factors make triple negative breast cancer different

Every Baby Sea Turtle in Florida Seems to Be Female. We Warned You, Scientists Say

Over half of known human pathogenic diseases can be aggravated by climate change

The Coronavirus Has One Strategy We Can’t Vaccinate Against

HIV hides within immune system’s ‘police stations’

Scientists discover new way immune system protects against viral eye infections

Guardians of the brain: how a special immune system protects our grey matter

Coronavirus spike protein activated natural immune response, damaged heart muscle cells

COVID-19’s impact on the brain: Immune response may cause damage

Repurposing an arrhythmia drug to fend off breast cancer metastasis: animal study

How antibiotics may shut down cancer metastasis

Buried treasure from 17th-century Spanish shipwreck uncovered in the Bahamas

Motor Function Restored in Three Men After Complete Paralysis From Spinal Cord Injury

Low neutralization of Omicron BA.5 after four doses of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine

Twitter Censors Pfizer-Injured Israeli COVID Vaccine Director

Dustin Reynolds: dual amputee finishes circumnavigation

The Serotonin Hypothesis and the Gut-Brain Axis

How Canopy Growth, the star of Canada’s cannabis dreams, fell from grace

Orally administered niclosamide-based organic/inorganic hybrid suppresses SARS-CoV-2 infection

Application of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy and Delivery of Repurposed Anthelmintics for Cancer Therapy

Eating fruit more often could help reduce depression

Researchers report ‘hybrid immune damping’ following SARS-CoV-2 Omicron infection

Monkeypox: WHO Is Fighting the Last War

Albendazole induces immunotherapy response by facilitating ubiquitin-mediated PD-L1 degradation

Single-Donor Fecal Transplant Trial for IBS Shows Lasting Response

Drug Cartel: Pfizer shatters profit records, continues raising prices on taxpayer-funded, liability-free products

New study on immunotherapy for bone cancer

A study in mice tested the effectiveness of an oncolytic, or cancer-destroying, virus called Delta-24-ACT. The treatment group developed tumors more slowly and experienced fewer severe side effects than the controls.

New study on immunotherapy for bone cancer

Cancer cells selectively load ‘drones’ to keep T cells from infiltrating tumors

Examining emerging targets within cancer immunotherapy

Unripe bananas have a hereditary cancer prevention property

This Drug Can Help Monkeypox. But The FDA Makes It Hard to Get

Psilocybin microdosers demonstrate greater observed improvements in mood and mental health at one month relative to non-microdosing controls

Dietary Supplement Cuts Risk of Hereditary Cancer by 60%

Widely used drugs may reduce ‘long COVID’ death risk by 50%

Zebrafish Can Repair a Damaged Heart, And a New Study Reveals How

Gerinnungsfaktor IX eingebaut Forschungsteam gelingt Heilung von Blutern

Encouraging Tumor Growth: How Breast Cancer Causes Diabetes

Encouraging Tumor Growth: How Breast Cancer Causes Diabetes

A novel anticancer property of Lycium barbarum polysaccharide in triggering ferroptosis of breast cancer cells

Vaccines for shingles, measles may protect against severe COVID-19, new research suggests

Harvard scientists find the leading cause of multiple sclerosis

Colorectal cancer tumors both helped and hindered by T cells

Protein produced by soft-tissue sarcomas makes immune cells ‘go bad’

Elephant genes could hold the secret to preventing cancer

Old drugs like Pyrvinium (Molevac) offer new ways of treating bowel cancer

T Cell Dysfunction and Exhaustion in Cancer

Discovery explains cancer chemotherapy resistance, offers solution

There was an unexpected 40% increase in ‘all cause deaths’ in 2021

Researchers test drug combination as means to prevent drug resistance in cancer cells

Cancer drug triggers remarkable recovery from spinal cord injury in mice

Kaempferol and Its Glycoside, Kaempferol 7-O-rhamnoside, Inhibit PD-1/PD-L1 Interaction In Vitro

The BA.5 story

The takeover by this Omicron sub-variant is not pretty

The Omicron sub-variant BA.5 is the worst version of the virus that we’ve seen. It takes immune escape, already extensive, to the next level, and, as a function of that, enhanced transmissibility, well beyond Omicron (BA.1) and other Omicron family variants that we’ve seen (including BA.1.1, BA.2, BA.2.12.1, and BA.4).

The Miracle of Metformin Against Diabetes and Cancer

Metformin helps manage blood sugar. It is the miracle of metformin. Does metformin also help prevent or control some common cancers?

Dostarlimab – Tumours disappear in all participants of small cancer drug trial

Dr Khan looks at ground-breaking results from a drug trial with a dozen rectal cancer patients in the US.

Colorectal cancer, or bowel cancer, is the third most common cancer worldwide; the third most common in men and the second most common in women.

Now a small rectal cancer drug trial, carried out in the United States, has shown extremely promising results: tumours were found to have disappeared in 100 percent of participants.

p53 in liver cancer: The ultimate betrayal?

A New Method To Unleash Cancer-Killing T-Cells

A New Method To Unleash Cancer-Killing T-Cells

COVID Booster Dose Less Than 20% Effective According to New Study

COVID Booster Dose Less Than 20% Effective According to New Study

TCM plant Dong Ling Cao – Oridonin Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 by Targeting Its 3C-Like Protease

Discovery and repurposing of artemisinin

Genetically Engineered, Sound-Controlled Bacteria That Seek and Destroy Cancer Cells

Genetically Engineered, Sound-Controlled Bacteria That Seek and Destroy Cancer Cells

Targeting the methionine addiction of cancer

Sea Corals Found To Be a Source of an Elusive “Anti-Cancer” Compound

Sea Corals Found To Be a Source of an Elusive “Anti-Cancer” Compound

Licorice-Derived Substance May Possess Anticancer Properties!

Fully Natural Lecithin Encapsulated Nano-Resveratrol for Anti-Cancer Therapy

New Directions in Cancer Immunotherapy

Recent advances include conditionally activated cytokines, inhibitors of key kinases, pathway-bridging bispecific antibodies, and endurant CAR T cells

Association of periodic fasting with lower severity of COVID-19 outcomes in the SARS-CoV-2 prevaccine era: an observational cohort from the INSPIRE registry

Woman given months to live is cured of breast cancer

All thanks to a a “miracle” drug infusion trial by the National Health Service in England.

Albendazole induces immunotherapy response by facilitating ubiquitin-mediated PD-L1 degradation

Disulfiram, an aldehyde dehydrogenase inhibitor, works as a potent drug against sepsis and cancer via NETosis, pyroptosis, apoptosis, ferroptosis, and cuproptosis,_an_aldehyde_dehydrogenase_inhibitor,.8.aspx

Pyrazolones as inhibitors of immune checkpoint blocking the PD-1/PD-L1 interaction

Effects of Cardamonin on PD-1/PD-L1 Checkpoint in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

New cancer treatment fools the immune system to attack

NeoTX, whose team includes several Nobel laureates, is testing a cancer-fighting approach that uses bacteria to bait the immune system into an attack.

Targeting importin-YAP axis in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

New Imaging Technique Starkly Reveals The Source of Long COVID in The Lungs

Intermittent Fasting May Help Heal Nerve Damage

An Ancient Killer Is Rapidly Becoming Resistant to Antibiotics, Scientists Warn

Obesity-Induced Liver Cancer Triggered by Leaky Membranes

Prostate Cancers Hijack Our Circadian Rhythm To Evade Anti-Hormonal Therapy

Aspirin for cancer and thalidomide for leprosy: new life for old drugs

The repurposing of well-known drugs for new therapeutic indications is becoming an increasingly common approach to find new treatments for rare diseases and conditions like cancer and obesity

Genomic analysis finds monkeypox virus is mutating unusually fast

Why diabetes strongly increases risk of severe COVID-19

Discovery of Triple Inhibitors of Both SARS-CoV-2 Proteases and Human Cathepsin L

A Common Epilepsy Drug Causes Birth Defects, And We May Finally Know Why

Valproic acid – a drug commonly used to treat epilepsy and bipolar disorder – can cause birth defects and developmental disorders if taken during pregnancy, but the reason why has long been a mystery.

Surprising Link Between Herpes Zoster and Dementia

Pregnant Women Produce Super Antibodies to Protect Newborns, Now Scientists Know How

Acetaminophen Linked to Diminished Response to Immunotherapy in Cancer

World Health Organization Finally Admits COVID Lab-Leak Theory Is A Possibility

For two years, governmental and global medical institutions like the CDC and WHO along with conmen like Anthony Fauci have been referring to the argument that Covid-19 leaked from the virology lab in Wuhan, China (the only Level 4 lab in Asia) as a “conspiracy theory.” 

For two years, the mainstream media and Big Tech social media platforms have called for outright censorship of anyone trying to discuss the evidence. 

The WHO has been an avid protector of the Chinese government and dismissed any assertions they they were involved in development of covid related viruses through gain of function research. 

Now, suddenly, the WHO is willing to give the theory a serious look and admits there are several important pieces still missing from the origin puzzle.

New Evidence for an Autoimmune Cause of Schizophrenia

PD-1 Blockade in Mismatch Repair–Deficient, Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer

Drug Repurposing to Enhance Antitumor Response to PD-1/PD-L1 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors