Articles and science papers (unsorted part1)

Found this movie free available on yt. Its the amazing story of Jim Allison – the researcher of immune checkpoint inhibitor anticancer therapy and noble prize winner in medicine. A must see biopic and medicine documentary!

Repurposed Diabetes Drug May Be Key To Treating Muscle Wasting Disease

A novel cancer vaccine for melanoma based on an approved vaccine against measles, mumps, and rubella

Repurposing of Benzimidazole Anthelmintic Drugs as Cancer Therapeutics / Dewormers as anticancer agents

The results of the current review illustrate the potential development of anthelmintics as a useful strategy for cancer treatment based on much preclinical evidence.

Breakthrough in the production of an acclaimed cancer-treating drug

Researchers found out how Metastases develop

It turns out that healthy stem cells use the same system to move around the body — hinting at a way to stop metastasis and repair organs.

The Hunt for N-Acetylcysteine: Medicine or Dietary Supplement?

Scientists Show Transmission of Epigenetic Memory Across Multiple Generations

Scientists Show Transmission of Epigenetic Memory Across Multiple Generations

Groundbreaking Research Exposes Immune System’s “Off Button”

SARS-CoV-2 disrupts host epigenetic regulation via histone mimicry

Study may have solved a mystery surrounding Crohn’s disease

LSD variant cures depression in mice without making them trip

Yoga as powerful as medication? Mind-body practices lower diabetics’ blood sugar levels significantly

Shocking Study Finds Decreased Proteins – Not Amyloid Plaques – Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

Shocking Study Finds Decreased Proteins – Not Amyloid Plaques – Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

Long COVID could be linked to a totally different (and common) virus

Studie zu Oxytocin nach Infarkt

“Kuschelhormon” heilt geschädigtes Herz

Scientists discover dual-function messenger RNA

Groundbreaking Method “Starves” Highly-Lethal Cancer Tumors of Energy, Eradicating Them

Groundbreaking Method “Starves” Highly-Lethal Cancer Tumors of Energy, Eradicating Them

Ivermectin story – Pierre Kory Meets Tess Lawrie – And the World Awakens—and-the-world-awakens/article_f01d2d6a-3ea5-11ed-8362-53163de28ee9.html

Garlic substance Allicin Anti-Covid

In silico allicin induced S-thioallylation of SARS-CoV-2 main protease

Main Target of COVID-19 in Brain and Describes Effects of Virus on Nervous System

Omicron subvariants getting better at evading antibodies

Deadly new Ebola-like virus that lives in African monkeys is ‘poised for spillover’ into humans and could cause next pandemic, study warns

Meat and cheeses directly linked to higher cancer risk

Allium against coronavirus proteases: E-Ajoene is a potential dual protease targeting covalent inhibitor

Potential cancer breakthrough as scientists finally discover how tumours ‘hijack’ healthy cells to spread around the body

Our Cancers Are Filled With Fungi

Cell-Killing Cancer Therapy Treats Lupus Successfully

A new viral cousin of Covid-19 can resist vaccine immunity

Unlocking the Mysteries of Brain Regeneration

The first-ever axolotl stereo-seq gives new insights into brain regeneration.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Brain Regeneration – Groundbreaking Study Offers New Insight

Doctor Turns Against Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines, Calls for Global Pause

New COVID-Like Virus in Russian Bats Shows Resistance to Vaccine Antibodies

Berberine: An Important Emphasis on Its Anticancer Effects through Modulation of Various Cell Signaling Pathways

Seaweeds in the Oncology Arena: Anti-Cancer Potential of Fucoidan as a Drug

Chrysin targets myeloid-derived suppressor cells and enhances tumour response to anti-PD-1 immunotherapy

Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Propolis and Its Polyphenolic Compounds against Cancer

Drug repurposing of ivermectin abrogates neutrophil extracellular traps and prevents melanoma metastasis

Did a Famous Doctor’s COVID Shot Make His Cancer Worse?

Snapdragon genes, anti-cancer properties — purple tomatoes are a superfruit, 14 yrs in the making

These genetically modified tomatoes will soon hit the shelves in US and are said to protect against certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, among other ailments.

Steht das nächste Massenaussterben durch die Erderwärmung bevor?

Das fatale Massenaussterben am Ende des Perm ist bis heute die größte Biodiversitätskrise der Erde. Forschende haben nun herausgefunden, dass das Ereignis nicht ohne Vorwarnung stattfand: Zuvor erwärmte sich die Erde – in einem ähnlichen Tempo wie heute.

‘Sneaky’ cancer tumors create shelters to hide from immunotherapy

A Consistent Lack of Sleep Negatively Impacts Immune Stem Cells, Increasing Risk of Inflammatory Disorders and Heart Disease

The Fungus That Killed Frogs—and Led to a Surge in Malaria

Amphibian collapses increased malaria incidence in Central America

Scientists Are About to Fire Up The Most Powerful Laser in The US

What Really Killed Dinosaurs and Other Life on Earth? Maybe NOT an Asteroid Strike

What Really Killed Dinosaurs and Other Life on Earth? Maybe NOT an Asteroid Strike

Chinese fossil eggs show dinosaur decline before extinction

Gut Bacteria Are Altered in MS, Linked to Disease Progression

Higher levels of inflammatory bacteria, lower levels of good bacteria observed

The Antikythera Mechanism Secret Solved

The secret of the Antikythera Mechanism, the ancient Greek device discovered in 1901 and regarded as the world’s first computer, has recently been solved by scientists.

Spike Protein From Infection and Vaccines Contributing to Autoimmune Diseases, Studies Suggest

Was macht die Mittelmeerqualle Turritopsis dohrnii unsterblich?

This Is How Much Fossil Fuel The World Is Sitting on, And It’s a Time Bomb

Can We Live Longer? Physicist’s Breakthrough Discovery in Genetic Protective Layer

Can We Live Longer? Physicist’s Breakthrough Discovery in Genetic Protective Layer

Rapid Progression of Angioimmunoblastic T Cell Lymphoma Following BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccine Booster Shot: A Case Report

‘Magic’ of Psychedelics: Easing the Trauma of Terminal Illness

What’s to blame for the surge in excess deaths?

From the beginning, the debate over lockdowns was skewed by the fact that Covid deaths were imminent – and any other effects from lockdown would become apparent over a longer period. But are we beginning to see that now? Over the past few months the Office for National Statistics has been recording ‘excess’ non-covid deaths of around 1,000 a week in England and Wales – that is to say deaths above and beyond the level which would be expected at this time of year. Deaths over the summer months have been more in line with the number of deaths which might be expected in a normal winter.

Blueberries linked to lower risk of erectile dysfunction

A key to restoring sight may be held in a drug that treats alcoholism

Researchers may have found a way to revive some vision loss caused by age-related macular degeneration – the leading cause of blindness – and the inherited disease retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a rare genetic disorder that causes the breakdown and loss of cells in the retina. The drug disulfiram – marketed under the brand name Antabuse – used to treat alcoholism, may hold the key to restoring this vision loss.

“How treating Bartonella cleared most of my son’s symptoms of autism”

“How treating Bartonella cleared most of my son’s symptoms of autism”

Hydroxychloroquine blocks SARS-CoV-2 entry into the endocytic pathway in mammalian cell culture

The New COVID Subvariant BA.4.6 Is Spreading. Here’s What We Know

A Cellular Engineering Breakthrough: High-Yield CRISPR Without Viral Vectors

T-cells Targeting Epstein-Barr Virus at High Levels in MS Patients

MS link to ‘broader’ T-cell receptor response to EBV possible

Drug turns cancer gene into ‘eat me’ flag for immune system

Tumor cells are notoriously good at evading the human immune system; they put up physical walls, wear disguises and handcuff the immune system with molecular tricks. Now researchers have developed a drug that overcomes some of these barriers, marking cancer cells for destruction by the immune system.

Photodynamic therapy offers promise for cancer treatment

Vor Mallorcas Küste: Geheimnis der unsterblichen Quallen gelüftet

Für immer jung: Was für Menschen unerreichbar klingt, macht die Quallenart T. dohrnii bereits vor. Die vor Mallorca lebende Qualle ist biologisch unsterblich – und verjüngt sich konstant selbst. Spanische Forschende fanden nun heraus, wie.

‘Extraordinary’ study results offer new hope for advanced lung cancer patients being treated with immunotherapy

Chinese Herbal Medicine Can Significantly Improve Anti-Cancer Treatment

Bojungikki-Tang Improves Response to PD-L1 Immunotherapy by Regulating the Tumor Microenvironment

Adults Aged 35–44 Died At Twice The Expected Rate Last Summer, Life Insurance Data Suggests

Researchers have identified antibodies that may make coronavirus vaccines unnecessary

CDC Says 44% of People Hospitalized With COVID Had Third Dose or Booster

COVID “Much More Easily Explained” By Lab Leak: Harvard PhD & Rutgers Chem Professor

Lactate may have a previously unrecognized role in fighting cancer

Integrated analysis reveals FOXA1 and Ku70/Ku80 as targets of ivermectin in prostate cancer

Humpback Whales Almost 9,000 Miles Apart Have Been Caught Singing The Same Song

Immunomodulatory potential of natural products from herbal medicines as immune checkpoints inhibitors: Helping to fight against cancer via multiple targets

Phytochemicals in Cancer Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy

Scientists Just Genetically Edited a Million Years of Evolution Into Mouse DNA

Changing the number of chromosomes an animal has can take millions of generations to happen in nature through the course of evolution – and now, scientists have been able to make these same changes in lab mice in a relative blink of an eye.

Axolotls Can Regenerate Their Brains

Axolotl sind trotz ihrer Fähigkeiten in Gefahr

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Entry by Interacting with S Protein and ACE-2 Receptor

Faecal transplants to be offered to hundreds with antibiotic-resistant superbug

The section of faecal transplant from a healthy donor will be swallowed within a pill, or delivered through a tube inserted directly into the stomach, via the nose, or colon – and could save the NHS thousands of pounds.

Breakthrough in addressing glioblastoma, a deadly brain cancer

Brain cancer in mice eradicated in groundbreaking Israeli study

A groundbreaking cancer study at Tel Aviv University found a way to eradicate a deadly type of brain cancer in mice.

New study could unearth the secret to how ‘immortal jellyfish’ reverses aging

Oncolytic viruses boost the immune capacity to effectively target and destroy cancer cells

Targeting the Cbl-b-Notch1 axis as a novel immunotherapeutic strategy to boost CD8+ T-cell responses

Sugar disrupts microbiome, eliminates protection against obesity and diabetes

Eat These Foods to Starve Cancer Cells to Death

As a cancer patient, I felt dismissed by doctors. As a doctor, I am desperate for the system to change

New Webb telescope observations throw a wrench in our understanding of the Big Bang

Ejaculating at least 21 times a month may protect against prostate cancer

Natural Plant Compound in Grapes Protects Brain Health

Scientists Discover Surprise Anticancer Properties of Common Lab Molecule

Experiments from the UNC School of Medicine lab of Nobel Prize-winning scientist Aziz Sancar, MD, PhD, show how a common molecular tool for DNA labeling also has anticancer properties worthy of further investigation, especially for brain cancers.

Scientists Discover Surprise Anticancer Properties of Common Lab Molecule

Understanding why deadly brain cancer comes back

The deadliest form of brain cancer returns because tumours adapt to treatment by recruiting help from nearby healthy tissue, say researchers who are trying to find a cure for the disease.

Most People With Omicron Don’t Know They’re Infected

Disulfiram blocked cell entry of SARS-CoV-2 via inhibiting the interaction of spike protein and ACE2

Colliding black holes may reveal one of the universe’s best-kept secrets

Colliding black holes may reveal one of the universe’s best-kept secrets

New and Recurrent Cancers After mRNA Vaccines, Studies Suggest Immune Changes

Since receiving Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, Bonnie Eisenberg experienced relapse of her breast cancer 8 years after being in remission.

Astronaut snaps spectacular pictures of aurora from the International Space Station as ‘cannibal’ ejection from the sun triggers geomagnetic storms on Earth

Ausgerechnet ein Corona-Medikament lässt das Virus mutieren

Virologen haben neue Erkenntnisse dazu, wann und warum das Coronavirus mutiert und neue Varianten bildet. Demnach fördert die Therapie mit antiviralen Mitteln wie Remdesivir die Mutationsfreudigkeit von Sars-CoV-2 offenbar besonders, wie Beobachtungen bei Patienten zeigen.

Chrysin inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma progression through suppressing programmed death ligand 1 expression

Trial suggests metformin effective at reducing odds of serious outcomes for COVID-19 patients seeking early treatment

Supplement Reverses Hallmarks Of Old Age And Promotes Healthier Aging

New research has found that supplementing older people with GlyNAC – a combination of glycine and N-acetylcysteine – wards off several key indicators of aging and keeps people healthier as they age. Not only that, but older people also appeared to be fitter and stronger with slimmer waistlines after taking the GlyNAC supplement.

COVID-19: UBC researchers discover ‘weak spot’ in all major variants

Medical breakthrough likened to finding a ‘master key’ that could lead to effective treatments

Vitamin D supplements may help reduce chronic inflammation

We Just Got More Evidence That Two Common Viruses Can Team Up to Trigger Alzheimer’s

100-year-old tuberculosis vaccine may protect against COVID

This New COVID Variant Is Shaping Up to Be a Déjà Vu Nightmare